Friday, August 16, 2013

Wood Egg Cracks The Code For International Business

Derek Sivers, the ex-founder of CDBaby, has launched a new venture called Wood Egg.  Since the sale of CDBaby a few years ago, Derek has been living abroad and learning a lot about international business.

Wood Egg is a series of entrepreneurial guides to starting businesses in many countries.  The first series of books teaches how to start a business in 16 countries in Asia. Derek's plan is to release a new series of books every year.

What's extraordinary about this company (if the content wasn't awesome enough) is that has created a process for building the content of the books.  He has created a 200-question process that someone could take and hit the streets of any country and collect the raw materials for a book.  Then, he has editors who assemble the information into a book format.  There are volunteer and paid positions in his company and the waiting list is long.
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