Monday, May 12, 2008

"Microsoft Office-less" experiment

Don't get me wrong - I like Microsoft. As Google expands on the functionality in Google Docs, I'm seeing less and less a need to use Microsoft Office. I had one computer rebuilt and will be purchasing a laptop (probably macbook) and I am determined to not install the $400 MS Office suite.

Since I am going between and iMac and PC now, along with sharing and collaborating on documents with my partner, Google Docs IS the answer so far. I'm sure there will be limitations, but I haven't found any showstoppers yet. One minor hiccup is getting my old "Word" documents imported correctly into Google Docs. Some of the formatting is off, but nothing that wasn't fixed in 30 seconds.

Regardless of functionality showstoppers (if I find any), the collaboration factor wins BIG!
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